Dairy Education

Dairy Science Minor

NMSU is excited to offer a minor once again in Dairy Science. The dairy industry in New Mexico is the largest agricultural contributor in terms of cash receipts, and the 100 or so NM dairy farmers contribute $2.2B direct and $4.2 indirect to the State’s bottom-line. New Mexico is the 4th largest cheese producer and the 9th largest dairy producer in the U.S.

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One of the classes offered in the NMSU Dairy Minor is ANSC 468. Advanced Dairy Herd Management (3 Credits). This class is offered through the U.S. Dairy Education & Training Consortium and is taught in Clovis, NM. This class as you can see from the USDETC website, consists of a 6-week hands-on dairy training class, taught by nationally recognized dairy faculty in both a classroom setting for the theoretical part interchanged with the hands-on part on some of the many dairies in the Clovis and West-Texas milkshed. For registration for the program and additional information please see the website.

Dairy Workforce Development Programs

NMSU Dairy Extension provides a series of training and workforce development programs for professional advancement. Workshops and training programs are typically provided for dairy workers and middle managers upon request of dairy producers as they see the need to provide this service to their employees. NMSU Dairy Extension provides these programs in both in English and Spanish. Some programs have been translated into K’iche as well. For more information see Dairy Training Workshops and Programs.

Dairy Online Training Courses

NMSU Dairy Extension supports various other industry programs helpful to producers and dairy workers:

New Mexico Beef Quality Assurance program available.